Colours that complement your skin tone

When you’re looking for that special occasion dress, sometimes it can be difficult to find colours that flatter you, but there are a few guidelines that you can follow based on your skin tone to help with your selection process:

Young pretty woman face with different skin tone colours

Light or fair skin tones: Women with lighter skin tones either have warm, rosy/peachy undertones or cooler undertones.

  • Rosy/peachy undertones: Women with this skin colour tend to have chestnut, blond (strawberry/golden blond) or red coloured hair. With these warm rosy/peachy tones, brown shades and greens look amazing. A neutral colour like ivory or even darker shades such as grey or navy, lighter reds (rose red, red pink) and light oranges (peach, apricot, etc.) will complement this skin tone as well. Dress colours to avoid include neons or harsh shades, such as black or white. Black is too dark and white will look too pale with this skin tone.
  • Fair skin and cooler undertones: Tend to have more white or pale skin and black, brown, or ash blond hair. If you’re looking for the right shade for your special occasion dress, veer towards the rich colours such as jewel tones and deep reds/strawberry reds – these shades will really pop with fair skin and cooler undertones. Shades to avoid include bright or very light colours.

Dark skin tones: Warm colours tend to look good on darker skin tones, such as pastels (light pink, baby blue, periwinkle, mint green, lavender), yellows, blues, and purples. Rich, bright colours like oranges and reds are also a great option. If you’re in the mood to wear neutrals, white looks amazing on dark skin tones. Cooler colours such as blacks, greys, and silvers should be avoided as these tend to be too harsh with this skin tone.

Medium skin tones: Sometimes referred to as an olive/yellowish complexion, this skin tone tends to neutral, which looks good with virtually any colour. Women with medium skin tones look great in jewel tones such as sapphire blue, dark purple, emerald green, and ruby red. These shades work to really brighten the complexion. Due to the brownish undertone of this skin colour, oranges, and yellows really bring out a nice glow in this skin tone. Pinks and turquoises are also a great option. Colours that should be avoided include browns, caramels, beiges and pale pastels. These shades bring out grey undertones instead of brightening the complexion.

When looking for that special occasion dress, look for those colours that complement your skin tone to make you shine at your event!

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