Jewelry options for different necklines

Jewelry is the final touch to the perfect outfit. Whether you’re attending a wedding, an anniversary party or a bat mitzvah, jewelry is one element that women always look for to complement what they are wearing. But, what kind of bling should you wear to your special occasion? It really depends on your style, what you’re wearing and what look you’re going for. Here are a few accessory suggestions to consider based on different necklines for your evening wear:

Plunging V-neckline:  Depending on how deep the “plunge” is, you could go for a longer, lariat type necklace, which will accentuate your cleavage.  Another option is to wear long, dangly earrings, without a necklace.

Pair of silver diamond earrings isolated on white background

Halter: Put on a striking pair of earrings and a matching bracelet with this type of dress. Halter necklines go around the neck and don’t generally allow for a necklace, but the right earrings and bracelet will round out your look!

Off the shoulder:  A beautiful choker or a multi-strand chunky necklace and bracelet would really accentuate your collar bone with an off the shoulder dress. With this type of dress, the focal point is your shoulders and “showing some skin” and you’ll want to make sure the jewelry you wear is more subtle.

Strapless: Long, dramatic earrings, or a choker type necklace would fit nicely with a strapless cocktail dress or a gown.  Again, with a strapless dress, the focus is meant to be on your neck and shoulders and the piece of jewelry you choose should complement your dress, not overpower it.Beautiful woman with diamond necklace. Young beauty model with diamond pendant and earrings. Jewellery and accessories. Fashion and beauty salon. Perfect lip makeup

Sweetheart: A beautiful delicate V-shaped necklace or a small charm necklace would look great with a sweetheart dress. It will accentuate the neckline without drawing too much attention to the jewelry.

One Shoulder:  Wear bold, mid-sized earrings and a bracelet or a ring with this look. Sometimes jewelry can catch on certain types of fabrics, so make sure the ring/bracelet you choose doesn’t cause any damage to your dress!

Illusion: An illusion neckline tends to be a round neckline and generally doesn’t allow for much space for a necklace. Go for a bracelet and beautiful earrings with this look.

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