Sweet table options for your wedding reception

Dessert is a big part of any wedding. There’s a lot of different options you could include, especially to a sweet table, or in addition to a sweet table.  Here are some of my top choices!

Gelato bar:  There’s nothing like a cool scoop of delicious gelato after you’ve broken a sweat on the dance floor to make your night!  It’s the perfect treat at a wedding reception, whether a gelato cart with several gelato flavours from Love Gelatoit’s an addition to your sweet table or just on its own – after all, who doesn’t love gelato?  One of my very favourites is Love Gelato. They absolutely do gelato right! They have some delicious flavours (and I’m speaking from experience here) and can provide you either a traditional gelato cart at your wedding or display all the yumminess in a beautiful customized ice sculpture.

Cotton Candy: A sticky treat, but so, so sweet! Another unique option you could offer at your wedding – it’s definitely a fun alternative for your guests.  You could set up a cotton candy station at your wedding reception or have a cart on-site with a cotton candy guru making the delicious treats on the spot! Alternatively, you could provide mini cotton candy bags to your guests as a parting gift.  Check out Bucket & Whisk or Candy Floss Land for some options.

Candy Station:  Candy Floss Land can provide you some amazing options for special candy stations at your wedding.  The type of candy will depend on you, so have some fun with it!  Choose colourful options to jazz things up or select your candy based on your specific theme.  Some of my favourite treats from Sugarfina include princess pearls, maple bourbon caramels, champagne bears and tequila grapefruit sours. Make sure each of your candy options are properly labelled and that a scoop is available for each bowl of candy. You don’t want your guests to reach in with their bare hands to grab their treats.  You can also include little take-home containers for guests who don’t feel like sugaring up at the wedding but would like a treat later on in the evening.  Last, but not least, be conscious of allergies!

Gourmet Popcorn: Although the sweet treats are always welcome, you may prefer a little savoury at your wedding and gourmet popcorn is sure to do the trick!  There’s so many amazing flavours at Toronto Popcorn Company salted caramel, blueberry, vanilla cream, jalapeno cheddar, salt and vinegar, garlic Parmesan, to name a few, or you could go fancier with cookies and cream popcorn, sea salt and maple, or cinnamon caramel.

Mini Donuts – For donut lovers everywhere, these bite-sized guilty pleasures will add a little zing to the sweet table. If you’re on the hunt for some delicious donuts, check out The Rolling Pin. They have so many different flavours: Hot Chocolate, Crème Brûlée, Nutella Bomb, and Tiramisu, just to name a few, and they’re able to do special orders for the minis.

Gourmet cookie or pastry table – Cookie lovers and pastry buffs everywhere will love this option. Whether it’s a beautiful, colourful Macaron tower, a P’tit chou tower or a selection of miniature cakes, this display of delectable treats will satisfy any guest at your wedding. Nadège has some great options for you to consider, if this is something you’re looking for at your reception.

With all these different sweet treats available, how can you go wrong?

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